4.) October 25, 2012
California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) is Soliciting for Suggestions for 2013 Legislative Program on School Bond Oversight
SUMMARY: The California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) is currently soliciting suggestions for their 2013 Legislative Program. CaLBOC offers support for Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) members overseeing California’s $83 billion dollar Prop 39 bonds. CBOC members are volunteers that may not have the training and support needed to oversee the expenditures of multi-million dollar construction projects. CaLBOC works toward the preservation and enhancement of the CBOC system by sponsoring needed legislation.

3.) August 10, 2012
Contra Costa County Grand Jury Report #1208 - School Bond Oversight Joint Meeting of WCCUSD and CBOC August 15, 2012
SUMMARY:WCCUSD is one of nine school districts in Contra Costa County required to respond to the Findings in the CCC Grand Jury Report within 90 days. At the June 27th West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) school board meeting, Anton Jungherr, a former WCCUSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) member, spoke to urge the District to respond to the county Grand Jury Report at an upcoming meeting. He cited conflict of interest issues regarding the committee selection that oversees the $1.23 billion dollar bond program.

2.) June 16, 2012
New Contra Costa County Bond Oversight Group Forming, First Meeting Topic: Grand Jury Report on School Bond Oversight Committees 
SUMMARY: The California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) is announcing the formation of the Contra Costa County Chapter of CaLBOC. Everyone is invited to the first meeting on Saturday June 23, 2012, from 10 am to noon at La Tapatia Restaurant, 536 Main Street in Martinez. This will be an organizational meeting that will include the recent Grand Jury report on school bond oversight as a main topic of discussion. Nine school districts in Contra Costa County are to respond to their 16 findings and 12 recommendations.

1.) May 04, 2012
Announcing the First Annual CaLBOC Statewide Conference
Information and Support for Prop 39 School Construction Bond Oversight Committees and Taxpayers
SUMMARY: California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) is announcing their First Annual Statewide Conference to be held in Sacramento on Friday, May 11, 2012, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. This is a free conference and includes: special guest speakers, handout materials, continental breakfast, and a gourmet boxed lunch. 

7.) November 30, 2012
California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) Updated Website Providing Support for School Bond Oversight: http://www.CaLBOC.org
SUMMARY: Since the year 2000 there have been over $95 billion dollars in Proposition 39 bonds by school and community college districts for construction projects in California. A requirement of Prop 39 is that districts create a bond oversight committee comprised of volunteers on a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees (CBOCs). The California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) offers free support to CBOC members. CaLBOC maintains the calboc.org website and offers a complimentary weekly email newsletter with current news and legislative updates. Additionally CaLBOC also receives questions and responds directly on specific bond program concerns. The exchange of information on school bond oversight benefits communities, students and taxpayers.

6.) November 23, 2012
THE CALIFORNIA LEAGUE OF BOND OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES (CaLBOC) Recognizes the Importance of School Bond Oversight Committee Members 
SUMMARY: CaLBOC recognizes the important contributions of volunteers that are overseeing approximately $95 billion dollars in school construction bond programs in California. On Nov. 9, 2012 the Executive Board voted to recognize Alicia Minyen’s contributions while she served on the Mt. Diablo USD CBOC. Ms. Minyen’s work with CaLBOC enhanced the organization’s ability to expand its efforts in developing best practices for CBOC’s, which were recommended by the 2012 Contra Costa Grand Jury in its report on all CBOC’s within the county. On Dec. 1st the local Contra Costa County CaLBOC Chapter will have a meeting where a main topic will be the Grand Jury Report on School Bond Oversight Committees. 

5.) November 22, 2012
Contra Costa County School Bond Oversight Group Meeting: Review Grand Jury Report on School Bond Oversight Committees 
SUMMARY: CaLBOC offers free support to school bond oversight committees and is sponsoring a local county chapter meeting on Dec 1st. In May 2012 the Contra Costa County Grand Jury wrote a report on school bond oversight committees that required nine school districts to respond to numerous Findings and Recommendations. One topic of the meeting will be discussing the district’s responses to the Grand Jury. The agenda will also include the Contra Costa County Treasurer’s office briefly explaining requirements and best practices to oversee school bond financing, and participants can learn basics on interpreting financial and performance audit reports for school bonds. 

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