California League of Bond Oversight Committees

CBOC Operational Guidelines and Other Training Materials

Reviewing Financial & Performance Audits

It is the responsibility of members of CBOCs to alert the public to any waste or improper expenditure of bond money.
1. Accountability requirements
2. Understanding the audit
3. Sample questions to ask
PerformanceAudits.pdf - 3 pages, approx: 300KB

Limit Waiver Reviews

The statute covering debt limit waivers requires that the BOC be consulted. Further, failing to give the BOC sufficient time to review is grounds for denial of a waiver.
Best_DebtWaiver.pdf- 1CBOC pages

CaLBOC Training Video Lesson 1. Propostion 39 School Bond Measures overview. Includes: What is Prop 39 - Requirements of Prop 39 - the purpose of bond oversight committees (CBOCs) - CBOC meeting procedures requirements. (approx: 8 minutes)

CaLBOC Training Videos

Training seminar on the parts of the California Education Code that pertain to the implementation Proposition 39 oversight. Includes Informing the public on bond expenditures. (approx: 9 minutes)

CBOC Operation Guidelines

PDF provides a basis for CBOCs to do a self-­assessment of their operations and identify training needs.
1.) Legal Requirements
2.) Operational Guidelines
OperationGuidelines.pdf - 18 pages, approx: 240KB

Contra Costa Grand Jury Report #1208"
School Bond Oversight Committees - Raising the Bar"
by the 2011-2012 CCC Grand Jury - May 10, 2012: CCCGJ1208.pdf

Section Five Reviews

The most important things that many BOCs are NOT doing.

) Accepting and reviewing Performance Audit reports
2) Accepting and reviewing Financial Audit reports
3) Inspecting school facilities
4) Reviewing deferred maintenance programs, and
5) Reviewing efforts by the school district or community college district to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost-­-saving measures.
CBOC_Section5.pdf - 9 pages, approx: 160KB